One of the more frequent questions I've seen with regards to the new HTC HD7S is "how does the screen compare?" The HD7S sports a 4.3" sLCD WVGA screen that is supposed to be a notch better than your average 4.3" LCD WVGA screen. I'm in the process of comparing the HD7S with the HD7 to see how much of a difference the "S" makes.

In the meantime, while it may be an apples to oranges to watermelon type comparisons, we thought we would see how the HD7S compares to the Super AMOLED screen of the Samsung Focus and to the smaller WVGA LCD screen of the HTC Surround.

For the comparison, I set the theme to Blue and set the screen brightness to high. In comparing the Start Screen, a game (HydroThunder Go) and a music video the Focus seems to have more contrast, giving the screen a little more pop to it. Comparing the sLCD to the LCD, the differences are surprisingly slight. Maybe a little more contrast to the sLCD but is it enough to really make a difference?

The video may not do the comparison justice as opposed to having the phones in hand. Each are respectable in their own right and deciding which is better, may simply boil down to personal preference.