In case you woke up this morning to not find any app updates waiting for your Windows Phone, you are likely not alone. The Windows Phone Store looks to be jammed in processing app updates.

One example if the pending big 6tag 4.1 update, which has been awaiting publication to the Store for over 28 hours. The app is certified but as Huyn notes, it is not visible on the Store for end-users just yet. Likewise, Microsoft announced an update for the Skype Qik app, however that new version is still not showing on the Store either.

Jumping into the Dev Center support forums, and we found a few threads (example) from developers mentioning app update issues. However, Microsoft has not indicated through bulletins any on-going problems with app publishing, leaving us a bit in the dark. While it can take a few hours for app updates to be published and propagate, today seems a bit unusual in that none are coming through so far for April 2 (there are updates for apps published on April 1).

Microsoft is likely working on backend updates in preparation for Windows 10, so some hiccups are likely to be expected. It is quite possible things will be back to normal in no time, so sit tight.

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