WP Store

Left: the old Store search; Right, new Store search with developer lookup

Microsoft has been hard at work “doing things” to the Windows Phone store, which in theory will improve things (so far, all we’ve heard are developer complaints about delayed app publishing).

One of those areas is now coming forward although we have yet been able to verify in the US. WPArea.de has noticed that you can now search by the developer’s name in addition to their app. In a side by side with an HTC Mozart and a Lumia 800, they found the Mozart was able to get different search results when “Kik” was entered.

On the Mozart, Kik returned the developer house first, followed by the app whereas the Lumia 800 showed the more traditional KiK Messenger as the first.

Why the different between the two phones is a bit of a mystery but it presumably has to do with background services both on the phone and the Store being synced with the new information. While this isn’t a groundbreaking change, it would allow users to search for Nokia apps or games by popular development houses like EA.

We’ll keep an eye out for if and when those changes come here to the US. In the meantime, let us know in comments if you see anything.

Source: WPArea.de; Thanks, Tim, for the tip