Every once in awhile the Windows Phone Store throws a small tantrum causing apps to not be properly indexed by the system. As a result, many of you begin to think your favorite apps have been "pulled" or "deleted" or "removed" from the Store, all due to some mysterious reason.

As it turns out, nine times out of ten the apps are still there, accessible via a direct Store link. Very rarely are apps actually removed. Case in point, Skype, Vine, and Rudy Huyn's apps are all still alive and well on the Store.

This breakage in indexing is, of course, a larger issue that Microsoft needs to fix in the long run. Most of the time, these hiccups last just a few hours, but for people loading up a new phone, it can cause a bit of stress.

Today seems to be one of those days as we are getting hit with many 'tips' from users who cannot find an app through a Store search.

Pro tip: if you search the Store and suddenly can't find your favorite app - especially if it's a major one, like Skype - just search our site, find a previous article on the app and tap the direct Store link. I can assure you that this method works quite flawlessly, unless the app really is pulled. Alternatively, you can just wait a few hours for things to get worked out by Microsoft.

Speaking of Huyn's apps, yes, Snapchat is telling you to stop using third-party apps for their service, or face getting your account blocked. Snapchat stated this policy a few weeks ago, read that here to catch up.