Nokia Lumia 900 camera

The Windows Phone Tango update brought a few minor improvements to our Windows Phone but it may have served up the most noticeable improvements with the Nokia Lumia 900, well specifically Nokia's firmware that came with the update. Out of the box, we weren't' overly excited about the Lumia 900's camera performance. Comparatively, the HTC Titan II's camera was a joy to use and was rather impressive.

Enter the Windows Phone Tango update. It included a Nokia firmware component for the Lumia 900 that tweaked the camera just enough to elevate the camera's performance from "lacking" to "rather nice" status. The HTC Titan II still rules but you won't be cringing every time you take a photo with your Lumia 900, hoping things come out right.

We held a photo contest the other day highlighting the improvements to the Lumia 900's camera performance. While the winners were chosen at random, there were plenty of quality images submitted, which we'd like to share with you.

We still think that Nokia should adopt the BSI backlit sensor HTC is using on the Titan II and Radar. Regardless, these images submitted by our readers are a pretty good indication that Nokia is on the right track for improving their Windows Phone photo chops.


Photo by smcburney

Scipio Magnus

Photo by Scipio Magnus


Photo by LucasLumia


Photo by gorebashd


Photo by fakeshady2100

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