Although Windows Phone 8.1 is not expected until spring 2014, there is already talk about what comes after the next major Windows Phone OS. This morning, Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet has leaked some new information about some updates coming in spring 2015, specifically its codename: Threshold.

The name, originating from the Halo series, refers to a wave of updates for Windows Phone, Windows and the Xbox One OS in 2015 that will work on bringing those platforms closer together. This won’t be the final merging of Windows Phone and RT, which is expected to come at some point, but a wave up updates that will allow those platforms to “share more elements” including "high value activities".

Those activities reportedly include IT management, Bing (decision making/task completion) and something called “expression/documents”, which Foley believes refers to Office and app called ‘Remix’, and sounds similar to Nokia’s StoryTeller. The information, procured from an internal email from Microsoft Executive Vice President Terry Myerson, also mentions some “serious fun” coming with Threshold, though what that exactly means remains a mystery.

Microsoft has not confirmed or denied the Threshold codename, though they are expected to remain quiet on any future OS updates. What should be clear though is the Redmond giant has a roadmap in place that is being executed. The question remains if they can maintain their “shut up and ship” mode to deliver this one OS vision for the company.

Source: All About Microsoft, ZDNet