Going back to February, we knew of Microsoft's intent on bringing Windows Phone 7 over to Japan--a market that we still can't believe doesn't have the OS nearly nine months after launch. At the time, all we knew was "by year's end" for a release date and that's still seems to be accurate.

Evidently, Yasuyuki Higuchi, the corporate president of Microsoft Japan, had a little business briefing where he detailed a little more information about the upcoming Japanese-version of Windows Phone and what to expect.  As reported by NanaPho, Higuchi stated (roughly, translated):

"Mango is in the final stage, carriers and manufacturers, together with content providers, and are also developing services-enabled applications," 

Those services and applications being developed for the Japanese market include games, entertainment, food and restaurant industry, navigation, shopping, travel and SNS (social networking system). This is sort of a big deal obviously due to the need to create native apps with the Kana/Kanji writing system for the phone and Japan is a significant market for Microsoft to reach. As a side note, Yasuyuki Higuchi looks to be using a Dell Venue Pro for his personal device (see above pic).

Currently it is not known which manufacturer would be bringing Windows Phone to Japan, though seeing as Fujitsu was recently named as a new partner, we can safely guess that they will be involved with the first launch. 

Source: Keitai Watch,  PC Watch (Image); via NanaPho