Microsoft’s official Windows Phone UK blog recently posted about Xbox Live features that gamers may have missed. I can tell you why most gamers wouldn’t have noticed these features – all but one of them aren’t active yet!

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Avatar Awardables: Xbox Live games can now award avatar clothing and props, just like Xbox 360 titles. No Windows Phone games have done this so far.
  • Game Add-Ons: Xbox Live titles can offer paid downloadable content. Case in point: Beards & Beaks’ Cave DLC, which came out in August. Yes, this feature is already active, but only one game supports it so far. Expect more to come, including the promised expansion packs for Zombies!!!
  • Parental Controls: These will allow parents to prevent the little ones from playing M-rated games. As far as I can tell, the Parental Controls don’t actually exist just yet. I sure couldn’t find them. But the blog mentions that Splinter Cell: Conviction will be rated M and work with the function.
  • Fast Async: Turn-based online multiplayer is still on the way. Zombies!!! will definitely get this, and Hydro Thunder GO is pretty likely too.

That’s the list. Since three out of the four features haven’t gone live, I’m surprised they bothered to post it so early. Still, it’s a pleasant reminder of what’s coming to Xbox Live games on Windows Phone in the near future.

Source: My Kind of Phone