Windows Phone users now 18% more satisfied!

As well as Nokia shifting almost 4m Lumia handsets in Q2, it would seem there is yet more good news for our Windows Phone. If true, as a recent survey by Amplified Analytics is showing, and there is a 18% rise in customer satisfaction then things are looking rosy indeed. The survey carried out by aggregating over 104,691 customer reviews suggests that the Windows Phone users are almost 20% more chuffed with their recent purchase than in the previous quarter.

Drilling into the details it seems that the current Windows Phone darling, the Lumia 900 seems to be wiping the floor with the other OS satisfaction results in some areas. Depending on how you read into these bar graphs, the Lumia owners are more than happy with the OS. The same seems to be echoed in the results for the design also.

18% More Windows Phone

Of course, there is a big disclaimer; the company producing these analytics are a client of Nokia so some careful reading between the lines is suggested. Still if this result is anything to go by the Lumia and Windows Phone in general seem to be holding their own against the other smartphones.

How much user value each part of their smarphone

The Nokia handsets continue to have great reviews on many sites, more notably Amazon where it does amazingly well. From small acorns, great oak trees grow, and for every enthusiastic customer using a Windows Phone now there will be a little bubble of positive experience shared. Over time, we hope, the whispers turn into shouts.

I think as the two year tip over point arrives for Windows Phone, we’re about to see things start to get better. The phones have good penetration into shops at different price points and the platform continues to prove it’s a hit with those that take the plunge.

Are these results what you would expect? I’d like to know how you feel about this little bit of good news. 

Source | Amplified Analytics via WMPoweruser