Windows Server 2016

A few days after it leaked on the Internet, Microsoft has now officially released Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 to the general public. This preview of the server version of Windows 10 is also the first public build to include support for a new feature, Microsoft Windows Containers.

Containers allow Windows Server users to run apps away from the main operating system. Microsoft says:

"Windows Server Containers create a highly agile Windows Server environment, enabling you to accelerate the DevOps process to efficiently build and deploy modern applications. Through this release, millions of Windows developers will be able to experience the benefits of containers for the first time using the languages of their choice – whether.NET, ASP.NET, and PowerShell or Python, Ruby on Rails, Java and many others."

Microsoft is expected to release the final version of Windows Server 2016 sometime early in 2016.

Source: Microsoft; Via: ZDNet