Windows 10 Store

The new integrated version of the Windows Store will officially become available for Windows 10 users July 29, but developers and publishers are getting the heads up on the many changes that will be made to their apps' listings and ratings, along with new search algorithms in the store.

Microsoft's announcement is mostly for app creators, but there are some things that will affect app users as well. One of the biggest is the upcoming web version of the new Microsoft Store, which will ditch the old "" and "" URLs for the new "". Unfortunately, Windows Phone users won't be able to install apps on their device via the PC browser store anymore with this change. The web pages also don't currently show which devices the app will work on, nor their current version number or the date of the last update. Microsoft says they are "working to bring these popular features back in a future update."

Search algorithms in the new Windows Store will be different as well:

"These algorithms take a more holistic approach when evaluating an app's relevancy to the search terms, factoring in attributes such as click-through rates in the Store listings, ratings and reviews, keywords, and total downloads."

Ratings for apps will also be display in a new way:

"The most recent reviews with most 'helpful' votes are bubbled to the top of the list, ensuring comments on are relevant and useful for customers looking at your app."

There's a ton of other information in Microsoft's blog post about the changes coming to the Windows Store, so be sure to check it out

Source: Microsoft