Windows Store and Unity

Remember back in June when Microsoft announced their collaboration with Unity and focused on helping developers create applications and publish for Windows platforms? Well, that effort has shown to be well worth the effort. As of today, Microsoft has announced that over 1,000 applications in the Windows Store have been created with the Unity platform.

Unity allows developers to easily write their code and port their content to a multitude of operating systems. The collaboration between Microsoft and Unity made it easy (and free) for developers to take their existing games or create completely new ones and bring them to Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices. At one point, the company had even run a contest offering $10,000 to the best video game developed through Unity for Windows.

Microsoft says the number of applications in their store is growing and that Unity has a part to play. For users and lovers of Microsoft platforms, this can only be good news.

What are some of your favorite games to play on your Windows devices?

Source: Microsoft