windows 81

The rumors about what Microsoft will include, or not include, in its next version of Windows, code named "Threshold", continue to hit the Internet. The latest such report, from WinBeta, claims that Microsoft may do away with the Charms bar, introduced as part of Windows 8, on the desktop.

The report, which naturally cites unnamed sources, claims that Microsoft is still considering what to do with the charms feature on the desktop. One idea is to just do away with charms completely, but another suggestion would place a button near the windows controls that, when clicked, would show the Search, Share, Devices and Settings charms on top.

Of course, even if Microsoft is thinking about these kinds of changes, there's no guarantee that they will actually be implemented when Threshold is released to the public. It's expected that will happen in a preview version this fall, with a final release for the spring of 2015. What do you think about the prospect of the Charms bar going away from the desktop?

Source: WinBeta