While Paul Thurrott is away in some exotic, non-Windows world, our own Daniel Rubino jumped in to guest on this week's episode of TWiTs Windows Weekly alongside Leo Laporte and Mary Jo Foley. If you missed it live, then the good news is the recorded version is online for you to watch or listen to at your leisure!

There's lots to talk about in the Windows World at the moment, but here's the quick rundown on episode 401, Better Call Aul:

"While Paul's away on vacay, Daniel Rubino from Windows Central is here to play! The first week preview for Windows 10 on Windows Phones, watch for Windows 10 desktop preview release next week, Microsoft is opening up touch-first Office starting with iOS, Microsoft plans to open up Xbox app development, Dell's XPS13: The good, the bad and the battery all on this episode of Windows Weekly."

Find it in your favorite podcast app for Windows or Windows Phone, or get it direct from the link below.