Greek Windows Phone App Contest

Students at the Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications of Larissa Institute of Technology (TEI) in Greece were invited to participate in a Windows Phone app development contest earlier this year. Sponsored by both Microsoft and Nokia, the event saw students compete against one another for the grand prize, which were two Nokia Lumia 800s.

The winners of the contest were as follows:

  • Escape From Heaven ($0.99/79p) is an interesting indie game that puts the player in control of a hedgehog that is attempting to escape from heaven.
  • Ο.Σ.Ε (free - Greek) aids those who desire to use the public transport networks in Greece with live maps of train stations, details and more.

The remaining apps are the work of the runner-ups, who all received a free Windows Phone (HTC or LG) each (note that some of these apps are in Greek).

For more information on the event, apps and winners, head on over to the website (link below). It's worth checking out for the design of the contest website, which makes use of Metro elements. With all the trouble that Greece is in with regards to economics and unemployment levels, it's fantastic to see young aspiring developers produce such fine works.

Source: TEI of Larissa, thanks Sofokis for the tip!