Social Mints

The Fast Track to the Mobile App contest was recently held by Core77 allowing aspiring mobile app designers to create mockups of their ideas and submit them. In December of last year the winners were announced and told to go forth and develop! The winners and finalists were given the choice to either develop their own app or choose from a list of developer bio's provided by Core77.

The 5 winners were each given the following prizes to kick-start their development:

  • Free Windows Phones
  • XBox 360 (with Kinect)
  • 1-year App-Hub subscriptions
  • App Development Deal (with revenue sharing options) to bring your design to life

A month later and they have posted an update detailing the progress of two of the winners and the processes that they have gone through to get where they are.

Social Mints

It remains to be seen what the other 3 winners have been up to, but for now, Social Mints and Cash Hound look quite interesting.

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Source: Core77