So Microsoft has put up a fancy little web gadget that lets you punch in some key stats about your company and then find out just how much money you'll save/make by switching your employees to Windows Mobile -- thereby increasing their productivity. But Good Golly are the terms and whatnot in there above my head. One of two things is going on here:

  1. I am beyond clueless about the financial management of a mid-to-large size corporation. As clueless as I am about brain surgery. More, even. I understand what a "frontal lobe" is and have half a shot at telling you the primary functions of the hippocampus. But "Reduce Sales Force Lead to Order Sales Cycle"? No. Clue.
  2. The "business-speak" language is intentionally ramped up to obscure the details and maximize the chances you have of using this tool to impress the hell out of your boss so he or she will buy you that Sprint Mogul you've been eyeing. guess is all of the above. So go calculate it, then go grab your superiors and explain how they'd be crazy not to buy you a shiny new smartphone.

the Business Value Calculator allows you to quantify the benefits and the direct and indirect costs of deploying mobile line-of-business applications, including measurable impact on revenue and income, operating expense savings, productivity enhancements, and other strategic business improvements.

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