That's President of the United States for those of you who don't frequent political forums ;-)
If you recall a few months back, Obama was un-closeted as a BlackBerry lover, fighting to keep his precious email device from those security-wielding government agents. While it doesn’t seem likely that RIM will a full-time job with the President-elect, our favorite Windows Mobile just might. But, this isn’t your normal WM phone as this guy is all tricked-out enough to make Bourne envious.
Take a peep at General Dynamics' Sectera Edge, which is like some retro, extra-blocky phone from years past. Running your typical WinMo software suite, it has Wifi, GSM, CDMA. It can handle secure communication channels for secure voice and email communications. Sure, it looks super-dorky and costs around….$3,300 but you do get that nice 2 year warranty. 
So why no love for RIM? Seems as if some people think RIM’s platform/hardware is not as secure as we’d like to think, including being susceptible to viruses that can do things like record phone calls. Remember how many WinMo phones can’t record those? That's why.
With all the flack WM has been catching lately, it’s nice to see that it is still good enough for those top level government agencies.