MoDaCo lets us know that the Samsung i600 has received its Windows Mobile 6 update from Samsung. The i600 is the international version of the Blackjack that's a bit more powerful (WiFi).

We previously knew that it would be Q3 at best for the Blackjack WM6 Update and we were hoping for Sept 17th. No dice there, but we did get a leaked WM6 Blackjack ROM back in June that wasn't really ready for primetime (see our video of WM6 on a Blackjack for the proof). We're also holding out hope that the update will include AT&T Video Share, since settings for it appeared on the hacked ROM. If the plethora of links above doesn't show you that we've been wanting this update for awhile, here's one more where we saw the Blackjack running WM6 at Digital Life on October 1st.

We already know the Blackjack II is coming (see our hands-on with the Blackjack II)- probably in November. Selling a new device doesn't exactly count as a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade, though, does it?

The soles of our shoes are worn through from tapping our feet on this one. We do hear the WM6 update for the Treo 750 on AT&T is due very soon, so maybe then. Maybe.

Anyway, if you're an i600 user, go getcher update here. Note: this will not work on a Blackjack.