Welp, after a few weeks they finally got it done and better late than never. Those determined members (Ebag333, NightRaven and some brave testers) managed to beat Verizon and Palm to the punch and get a fully working WM6 AKU 4.2 ROM on the Treo 700wx (Sprint, Verizon, Alltel).

Best part? There are two versions: one is a "trimmed down" setup, where a bunch of unnecessary files have been junked saving space and making it speedier and suitable for making your own "custom ROM". The other is just straight up WM6.

Also check out Ebag's new GUI front-end for his ROM kitchen, which should make things a wee bit easier for you newbie chef's out there ;-)

So, some initial thoughts on WM6? SDHC does not seem to work at this point--but there is a lot of reason to believe this is just a matter of finding one of the many SDHC drivers floating around. Everything else seems great though: it's quite fast (not as fast as WM5 though), the graphics are much better looking, messaging and calendar are way better than WM5.

Bottom line: if you don't mind the risk of flashing your device and you can take the time to carefully follow directions, it is definitely worth it. (Get it HERE)

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Wanna see some screen shots of WM6? Click the link to see a small gallery.