The long (looong) wait for Windows Mobile 6 on the Treo 750 may soon be over, according to a document leaked on the TreoCentral forums. Of course, said document states that the target date for releasing it was October 15th.


People have been getting themselves WM6 the hard way, either through a leak or, more recently, by hacking the Australian version. We still don't know what's causing all the delays. It's certainly not Good Mobile Messaging, they've already released their updated software (congrats on that, by the way).

We're more than 6 months out from the original announcement and I'm just plain exhausted. Seriously: I was so excited about Windows Mobile 6 on a 750 that I haven't slept since they told us we'd get it. It's been rough.

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Update: Thanks to tommc4 for the tip!