Let's kick off our prizes with a classic, hey? The Plantronics Bluetooth Headset, a great in-ear Bluetooth headset with a nice little portable charger.

How to win:

It's Monday, so we'll keep it simple: Go on and register in our forums (those of your registered at TreoCentral's forums are already registered!) and then head over to this thread: Prize-A-Day, Day 1: iPhone SmackTalk Edition.

Anybody who posts a reply in that thread between 9amEST on Feb 13th and 9amEST on the 14th will qualify for the drawing (and also will receive one entry for the Grand Prize. But we want you to do more than qualify, we want you to talk some smack in honor of the Windows Mobile 6 announcement. The preferred format is:

Your iPhone is so [blank], it [blank]!

Don't be fair. Don't be nice. (Don't be vulgar, though, either). Heck, don't even be truthful. We're talkin' smack here, kids!

(Full Contest information here - must use valid email address to register.)