If you're not in the list below, fret not: your entries still count towards our grand prize and second prize, so keep 'em coming. Yesterday's contest will be running for another few hours (till noon EST today) and I really appreciate the input about what you'd like to see reviewed. Basically you can expect any category of product in that thread to get moved to the top of my queue.

  • Day 5: Lespaulist wins Pocket Express.
    The highlight of Day 5, for me: rezaf_2000 sneaks a dig in about how a smartphone makes one presidential. "Life of a president is not all about work after all, even a president needs some entertainment once in a while - ask Bill Clinton about it!"
  • Day 6: Curt wins a spare battery of his choice.
    That day was about teasing the PalmOS. It was maybe too easy. My favorite entry came from Jimmy, who broke out the industry insider joke, "Your Palm is so useless, it'll be Nokia in less than a year."
  • Day 7: smthng wins Spb Insight.
    smthng hasn't yet "found a decent Smartphone RSS client", here's hoping that Insight is the one!
  • Day 8: oguime wins the Jabra BT620 bluetooth stereo headset.
    oguime asked about SIP options and how to speed the darn selection dialog up on the TyTn. Ravipkumar had a good suggestion there in the thread. There were a ton of hacks posted and I'll try to get to a "hack roundup" later this week.
  • Day 9: Kathy wins Texas Hold'em.
    ...and oh my, this Minnesota boy also happened to think her entry about slackers was hilarious: "Randy Moss has admitted to taking plays off. That would be a considered a slacker."

Remember, you can check for the latest Prize-A-Day every day, here, full contest rules are here. I can't wait to give away that Smartphone and those Slingboxes!