Every now and then I find myself an axe to grind here at WMExperts and for this round of the Smartphone Round Robin I'm breaking out the whetstone yet again. You've already seen excellent video overviews from The iPhone Blog, CrackBerry.com, and TreoCentral, so I figure there's not a lot of need in this, the penultimate round of the Smartphone Round Robin, to go over all that again.

No, as a Windows Mobile user I often find myself defending the, shall we say, nerdier aspects of Windows Mobile (Registry Editors Unite!). I think that the T-Mobile G1 is getting some unfair criticism (though not necessarily from my SPE compatriots) for being a big, plasticky thing. So I want to try to come to an understanding of the context for the G1's hardware. Sure, it's not sexy, it's kind of bulky, and there's that whole chin thing to deal with. I'm fond of all of the above, chin included, both from a personal aesthetic and because I think the G1's hardware fits and was near-ideal for the first launch of the Android OS.

I'll be interested to hear what people think of my comparison at the end. It's not a perfect analogy, of course, but I think it's pretty darn close.

Fret not, I'll still be giving you a full-on review of the Android OS from a Windows Mobile user's perspective. Also note that, like all Round Robin posts, every day you make a comment is another chance for you to win a Fuze and a Redfly courtesy of Celio. Heck, if you're in the Fuze Contest mood, don't forget that we're also giving another one away this Friday, courtesy of HTC.