Although we already reviewed the Samsung Epix and gave it a quick once-over in comparison to the Treo Pro, we figured you'd like to see it in video form up against it's AT&T friends.

Now, the video starts with a request which I'll repeat here. The Epix is pretty much the straw the broke the camel's back for us -- there are now officially too many Windows Mobile Smartphones available in the United States for any sane person to be able to keep track of them all (and no, we're not sane here at WMExperts, but we suspect you might be). So, since we have darn-near every single current WM phone on-hand, we're asking:

Shoot an email to me directly -- -- with a request for us to compare two (2 -- no more) smartphones directly. Make the subject line “Head-toHead: X vs Y” where X and Y are the smartphones you want compared. We'll shoot a quick video running down specs and our thoughts on which one we prefer, why, and so on. There may not be a perfect Windows Mobile phone, but hopefully some head-to-head comparisons will help you find the perfect WM phone for you.

We want to do these, so we'll sweeten the pot: we'll give a 15% off coupon to the WMExperts Store to the first 10 people who email me with head-to-head requests.