What is there to say about the iPhone 3G that our readers haven't already heard? The browser: still awesome and still probably the best on a mobile device (though when SkyFire and Opera get their kinks worked out, we just may have to revisit that). The keyboard: better than most of the soft keyboards you'll find on Windows Mobile if only because of its incredibly good auto-correction. The applications: many are of a better quality than what's available on Windows Mobile, but they still haven't caught up the the breadth and power of what's available on Windows Mobile.

The real story between Windows Mobile and the iPhone platform is this: the iPhone has elegance while Windows Mobile has power, versatility, and openness. It's that last one that's clearly becoming a bigger factor in my mind as time goes on (as it is with the entire the entire WMExperts Team). Podcast downloading is the touchstone example of the moment, but there are plenty of others. I'll get into it quite a bit more in the final review, but for now, sit back and watch my video first take.

Meanwhile, WMExperts is taking most of the rest of the Thanksgiving holiday off, so posting will be pretty light and the podcast will be off this week. Have a safe and restful weekend, everybody!