Here's the (belated) batch of winners from last week. Today's contest is here - and I should probably point out that the last day of the contest is fast approaching (the last contest will be posted on Monday) - so be sure to enter every day to maximize your chances of winning our Grand Prize!

  • Day 10 - Jeff wins his choice of cradle
    ...Day 10 taught me that there are more Blackjacks out there than I'd previously guessed. I'm going to have to pick up one of those suckers myself so I can properly test stuff with it -- too bad I'm not eligible for this contest myself. ;-)
  • Day 11 - Scott wins a retractable Sync'n'Charge cable
    ...Day 11 basically confirmed what I'd already thought: most people find their battery life is ok, but not stellar. And the MotoQ is the worst of the bunch.
  • Day 12 - gjlowe wins a copy of CorePlayer
    ...Ditto for Day 12's lessons: Music on your phone is nice for some folks, but for many, it ain't no iPod (or Zune).
  • Day 13 - bubbatex wins a copy of FlexWallet
    ...Two camps on Day 13: folks who just store PIM and folks who throw every blessed piece of information they possible can onto their smartphones.
  • Day 14 - maldog wins a Screen Protector Pack
    ...Seriously, does everybody own a Blackjack? A lot of reviews for Blackjack accessories.

That's enough for this roundup, I think. If you're not hip to our RSS Feed you can always check out this page for the latest Prie-A-Day Contest. (Full Contest Rules are here)