A large swath of the midwest got smacked with a snowstorm over the weekend. I like snow as much as the next guy, but this one made me want to just hole up in my house and play video games. Being holed-up means that my smartphone didn't need much using, so it just sat in its cradle.

Ah, a cradle! That's what we'll give away, a cradle of your choice! Lock yourself inside, give your phone a rest, and go get yourself some cocoa.

How to Win

The WMExperts store has well over 1000 products in stock and while I sincerely doubt we'll ever be able to review them all here, we do want to get as many as possible up in our Reviews section. So: help us prioritize! Go take a look-see through the store and comment here on this post: which product would you most like to see WMExperts weigh in on? We can test conteston a multitude of WM phones, so if there's some compatibility question be sure to mention that too.

Today's contest will be open until noon EST tomorrow (Feb 27th). Don't forget - Every entry in a daily contest doubles as an entry for the Grand Prize and the two Second Prizes! Namely: A Smartphone of your choice plus $300 to spend in the WMExperts store and a couple of Slingbox Pros. We'll announce last week's winners a little later today.

(Full contest rules are here)