Let's make it a big prize today: A Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Headset - the stylin' black one. Let's just say the WMExperts Store is feeling generous after all of the store reviews you folks posted for Friday's contest (The store also sponsored a Wii for Engadget's contest, if you didn't hear).

How to Win

Over at TreoCentral, there's a new podcast wherein I forced myself to list my "Top 5" Windows Mobile apps (Yes, I'm shameless in my interlinking). I'll cross-post them here after the jump. It's likely, though, that yours are different. It's even more likely that you may disagree with my top 5. So to enter in today's contest, comment on this post with your top 5 apps for Windows Mobile, or criticize mine, or ask our readers if "there's an app that does X" ...pretty much anything Windows Mobile app-related works for me.

Today's contest will be open until noon EST tomorrow, March 6th. In addition to today's cool prize, every entry doubles as an entry for the Grand Prize and the two Second Prizes - A Smartphone of your choice plus $300 to spend in the WMExperts store and a couple of Slingbox Pros.

(Full contest rules are here)

Dieter's Top-5 Windows Mobile Applications

  1. SPB Mobile Shell, a great way to navigate through your Treo faster and easier.
  2. Resco Explorer, a very powerful file explorer, registry editor, and FTP Browser.
  3. Google maps, need I say more?
  4. Pocket Informant, a Calendar/Contacts/Tasks replacement with a ton of features. (I go back and forth, but I always come back)
  5. PdaNet, which automatically sets up Dial-Up Networking. I know it's not technically necessary, but not having to deal with config is worth it for me.