Shaun over at PDA 24/7 posts his thoughts about switching from the PalmOS Treo to a WM device. This little bit at the end caught my eye:

I, like many others, have the view that Palm OS feels more reliable and that is because of how it works- it is super quick and have a simplicity that gives an impression of smoothness. WM on the other hand can feel clunky and slow at times and almost too much for the hardware it is running on.

That is an interesting observation. My initial gut reaction is also that the PalmOS is stabler than WM5 - but "stable" is a subjective thing - everybody loads different 3rd party software, every device is different, etc etc. Were I of a more scientific bent, I would ignore that and base my judgment solely on things like how often I have to reset a device, crashes, and so on. But the reality of it is there's a "feel" that serves as the basis for whether or not we think a device is stable.

Today's Prize: the Motorola DC800 Bluetooth Stereo Transceiver - a great little gadget that will either stream your stereo's music to your bluetooth headphones or (and this is how we use the thing here) you can use it to receive music from your A2DP-enabled smartphone to play on your stereo.

How To Win

Switching to WM was, for me, a lot like switching to the Mac: More power, a different but in some ways better GUI, more "pretty", and so on. Whether one or the other is "stabler" is an open question.

So: whats your "switch" experience? Or were you loyal since day one? Do you try to get others to "switch"? Head on over to the forums between now and noon EST on Monday, March 12th and post in this thread.

I'm going on vacation and so "today's" Prize-A-Day will be Prize-A-Thursday-Though-Monday-Morning. In other words, light posting for the rest of today and none tomorrow.