Telltale's fantastic adventure game, The Wolf Among Us, is now available on Xbox One. You'll find a similar branching dialog structure mixed with quick-time events, cel-shaded art style, and gritty, gory subject matter as Telltale's previous hit episodic series, The Walking Dead. All five episodes are included from the first season of The Wolf Among Us.

The Wolf Among Us takes place in Fabletown, and as you might expect, there are plenty of characters that come from some childhood story. These guys have to use magic to disguise themselves and not disturb the citizens of New York, though that's not always easy. The game's first episode kicks off with an encounter with the Wolf's well-known adversary from Little Red Riding Hood, the Woodsman. It's up to you how you handle every situation, and each decision has lasting effects on the rest of the story.

This game is absolutely great, and if you haven't tried any of Telltale's adventure games yet, you're in for a real treat. Fingers crossed for a second season down the line!

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