Bethesda Softworks may have placed a teaser for an upcoming game, Wolfenstein: New Colossus, at their E3 2016 press event.

Wolfenstein game

The teaser came at the very start of the event, as the screen showed an old-fashioned cmd.exe file directory, showing names and dates for various id Software-based games, including those in the Wolfenstein franchise. One file, "New_Colossus", had no such release date. It's possible Bethesda will reveal more info on this game at a future event, perhaps at QuakeCon.

id created the first games in the WWII-themed Wolfenstein first-person shooter series, but later installments have been developed by a number of different teams, including Gray Matter Interactive, Splash Damage, and Raven Software. More recently, MachineGames released Wolfenstein: The New Order to wide acclaim in 2014, followed by the standalone prequel, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, in 2015.