Wolfenstein: The New Order picks up a standalone prequel expansion today, dubbed The Old Blood.

Set in the 1940s, this prequel takes us back to Castle Wolfenstein, two decades before the events of The New Order. BJ has set upon a daring mission to infiltrate and eliminate Death's Head in his own compound.

The Old Blood tells a lighter, brisker story, and won't feature the gritty bleakness found in Wolfenstein: The New Order. BJ picks up new weapons in Wolfenstein's latest outing, including a bolt-action rifle, heavy double barrelled auto-shotgun and a grenade launching Kampfpistole. In addition to slaughtering 1940s retro-cyber Nazis with brand new stealth take-downs, BJ will battle the undead products of Reich experiments.

The asking price for this 5-8 hour FPS adventure is just $19.99 / £14.99, which seems more than reasonable as a fan. It launches today as a digital-only title on Xbox One, PC and PS4, with a retail release coming on May 15th.

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