Superslacker Studios has developed Wonder Reader, a Google Reader app, for Windows Phone 7. And it looks really good.

Wonder Reader uses the hub or metro style to optimize the information your Google Reader account collects. The main hub is composed of pages that display your reader categories, your individual feeds, and any starred, notes or shared items.

You can view story headlines by either choosing the category or individual feed. Whichever way you go, you're sent to a secondary hub that lists your unread items, all the stories from that particular category or feed and a gallery page that will display any images a story has generated.

To view the full story, simply tap on the headline. You do have the ability to navigate from story to story from this view by tapping the directional arrows. If this is the only story from a particular feed, the arrows will not be lit.

Additional options for individual items includes the ability to share/star/like the item, keep the item unread, send via email, view in Internet Explorer or send the item to your Instapaper or Read it Later account.

Wonder Reader mimics the actual Google Reader extremely well. The Windows Phone 7 app even gives you the option to list the categories alphabetically or as you would view them on your Google Reader. With the layout and design so similar to Google Reader, users don't miss a beat while learning to navigate around the application.

Wonder Reader (link opens your Zune brower) is available at the Marketplace and will run you $1.99. There is a fully functional trial version available to let you try it before you buy it. If you rely on Google Reader to keep you up do date and you're looking for an option for "on the go", Wonder Reader is worth a try.