There are a ton of games for your Windows Phone that are great to pass the time with.  There are some games that you get hooked on and spend hours with.  Then there are games that are great for passing shorter periods of time with.  Wonder Witches falls into the latter category.

The goal of Wonder Witches is simple, take control and guide your Wonder Witch through a maze of obstacles without crashing. Game controls are equally simple. Tap and hold the right portion of the screen to have your witch's flight elevate, release to have her descend. Tap and hold the left portion of the screen to have your witch's broom's magical powers activated.  You'll need to fly over the magic potions to use your brooms magic first.

The further you progress, the more points you score. You start out with a straw broom and as you earn more points, additional brooms become available. You can crash into the vertical obstacles as well as the top and bottom of the screens.

The game has three levels of difficulty (easy, fun and hard) and surprisingly navigating the witch over and under obstacles is more challenging than you think.  Wonder Witches ran smoothly and while I might not spend hours with the game, it's a good choice to pass the shorter periods of time with.

Wonder Witches is an ad-supported, free game over at the Windows Phone Marketplace and you can download it here.