Not long ago, the Windows Phone word game Word Arena appeared in the Marketplace. Shortly thereafter, issues were raised and Word Arena was pulled while the mess was sorted out.  Apparently, the differences have been settled and Word Arena is back to being listed in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

For those not familiar, Word Arena is a Boggle-styled game where you try to create as many words as possible from a 4x4 grid of letters.  You compete against other players, online, who are searching for words from the same grid of letters.

Z-Games, the games developer, stayed busy during the down time adding a few new features to the game.  The new features on the re-released version of Word Arena include:

  • The ability to switch back and forth between the game results and your rankings after each round.
  • In-game awards (achievements) are now available to encourage players to try out all the features of the game and that will unlock certain features.

You still have the ability to chat between players and establish a friends list. The color themes are still there but you'll have earn certain awards to unlock that feature. In giving the re-release version a short test drive, Word Arena remains a stable, enjoyable, addictive game for your Windows Phone.

Word Arena is a free, ad-supported game and you can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.