Microsoft announced their "Surface" computer table (more on that in just a bit), the iPhone's multitouch is likely to come up in today's "chat" between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the D Conference, and now this: Smartphone Thoughts is reporting that the HTC announcement next week will be that they've added multitouch to the Elf, a little WM phone that I've been ignoring because I thought it was sorta, well, boring and ugly (check out the gallery at Boy Genius) to see what I mean.

But Multitouch will make any device pretty. And multitouch on Windows Mobile 6 - my my, that's something that makes my heart go pitter patter.

This special Elf will have a multitouch display like the iphone. So you will be able to slide your finger across the screen to run commands and interact with the device in the same manner as Apple’s much hyped iphone

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