Like word games? Wordish is available for Windows Phone 7 that is a blend between scrabble and solitaire. It's an entertaining app for your Windows Phone that has you finding four words from stacks of letters.

Each letter is assigned a point value and the game ends when no more words can be created. No Springs Studios, the developer, has put together a nice package with Wordish and to find out more, hop on past the break.

Scrabble meets Solitaire

Wordish is a nice blend of scrabble and solitaire. Your goal is to create words from eight stacks of letters. As you use letters, you reveal additional letters. If one stack is depleted, you can move tiles over to fill that void (basically giving you more letters to choose from).

Wordish assigns points to each letter with bonus points awarded for word length. There are three levels of difficult (easy, medium and hard) with the ultimate goal being to exhaust all your letter tiles.

To help you along the way, you can shuffle the stacks of letters and three hints are available. The game tracks your high scores by level with recognition given to your best word.

Overall Impression

If you like word games, Wordish is a must have. Wordish has a simple yet effective interface, entertaining game premise and a nice way to pass the time with. 

Graphically, Wordish isn't stunning but it doesn't have to be. Tile color reflects your Windows Phone theme. There is an addictive quality to Wordish that grows on you.  The more you play, the more addictive the game becomes.

There are two versions of Wordish available. A free version is limited to the easy difficulty level and only has two hints per game. The pay version will run you $.99, gives you access to all three difficulty levels and three hints. There is a trial version available of the pay version.

You can find the full version of Wordish here (opens your Zune desktop) and the free version here.