Ah, Words with Friends. We’ve waited so long for you to get to Windows Phone and since you arrived, you’ve been a disappointment. The good news is for all the harsh critiques we throw at Zynga, they are at least trying to get this game right for our devices and that gets some respect from us.

The latest version, 1.1, just hit the Windows Phone Store and is now available seemingly just for Windows Phone 8 devices. Yes, version 1.1. is a native WP8 game meaning we’re not sure what will happen with those who bought it and are on Windows Phone 7.

Version 1.1 now has the double wide tile on your Start screen, improved notifications, improved word list, many more crash and stability issues addressed and finally repairs to game/chat-sync events. That sounds all well and good but when we launch the game and head to our Contacts to start a new one, the app immediately exits meaning all those crash-scenarios have not been ruled out just yet. Having said that, it does load faster now and the graphics look a smidge better.

We’re still not prepared to tell you to throw down your $2.99 just yet for this game but it’s slowly getting there. The good news if you have already bought the game, well you get what seems like a significant update for free and we’re hoping it improves your gaming experience. Sound off in comments if you think it’s better or worse!

Pick up Words with Friends here in the Store for $2.99. Windows Phone 8 only. 

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