Wargaming.net's hugely popular World of Tanks free-to-play online WWII game came to the Xbox 360 in 2013, and now it's set to battle its way to the Xbox One. The developer has announced that the Xbox One version will officially launch on July 28 and it will feature cross-platform multiplayer with its Xbox 360 counterpart.

Before that happens, players can pre-load the Xbox One version on July 10 and play the game in a beta test on July 11 and 12. Gamers who already play the Xbox 360 version will find that their "hard-earned vehicles, XP, Silver and Premium time on your existing Xbox Live account will be carried over" to the Xbox One version.

In addition to upgraded graphics, the Xbox One version of World of Tanks will contain an all-new player-vs-environment mode called Proving Ground with AI enemies. Wargaming.net states:

"Proving Grounds contains four scenarios, each with friendly AI to assist, that resemble the combat modes found in Random Battles: Standard, Assault and Encounter. The last scenario is special because it's a boss fight! An enemy E-100 must be eliminated, and it's up to you and your AI allies to breakthrough the AI defenders and confront this tier X menace!"

Source: World of Tanks