Yes, I play World of Warcraft (a geek like me, are you surprised?) - the toon at right is mine. So the news that not only does Blizzard have a mobile development team, but that the rumormill is ramping up about a mobile version of WoW has some particular appeal. Of course, it's highly unlikely that Blizzard would try to shrink the desktop experience of WoW into a phone, but what about this tantalizing option:

Option three: forget mobile games, and make a mobile application instead. Something that gives you access to guild chat, or other admin aspects of the PC version of WoW. Instead of selling it through mobile operators, Blizzard might tack this onto the regular WoW subscription - pay a quid/dollar extra a month, and get the mobile app. - Rumours mount about World Of Warcraft Mobile Mobile

That sounds like something I'd pay for. WoW just passed the 10 million subscriber mark, and at an average of $14.95 per month per subscriber, that's certainly enough scratch to gin up something for our phones, no? For the Horde!