Forum user BOSDown asked these questions in a recent thread. For people who aren't concerned with the "app gap," enjoy all of Microsoft's services, and are fed up with the OEM bloatware that often comes with Android handsets, perhaps Windows 10 Mobile truly is an option.

Personally, I'm more than satisfied with my Lumia 950 XL. It has the apps I want (and they still get updated). It has the battery life I need and is still speedy. Throw in a gorgeous display, awesome Live Tiles, a great camera, and unique third-party solutions such as Readit and MyTube!, and I'd recommend Windows 10 Mobile to certain types of users without delay


Hello guys!! I have been using android for many years and lately i have noticed a severe dicline in quality and usability. I have been wanting to switch several times bow and since i just crushed the screen on my note 5, i am seriously thinking into investing in a WP10. I have been reading up a lot and cant seem to be able to filter the crap from the truth about the future of WP. I want to...


As a tech enthusiast though, Microsoft's apathy towards its own platform has me a bit ... bored. There are no new phones on the horizon, except for the possibility of another inordinately expensive "side-grade" from HP, and I find myself looking towards ecosystems with more innovation, namely Android. Hopefully, Microsoft is working on some sort of silver bullet to fix all of this, but we can't count on that

What do you think? Would you recommend switching to Windows 10 Mobile? Jump into the thread and let BOSDown (and the rest of us) know.