There are many deal and bargain apps and services available today and Wowcher is yet another name to add to the list. The service is a popular destination for those who wish to bag a deal or two, saving money in the process. Available for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone in app form, we're looking at hybrid apps that bring together the best of both native and web experiences.

Whether you're seeking deals on products for the approaching summer weather, or on dinner for two at a local restaurant, Wowcher enables you to catch a bargain and save some coins. The service detects your location (you can alter manually) and display tailored entries to suit individual tastes. The interesting part about Wowcher is the ability to create and log into an account.


As we noted above, the Wowcher apps for both Windows and Windows Phone are indeed hybrids. What this means is you'll be experiencing a web interface, but wrapped up in a more native-like package. While they're not native applications, you'll see some features presently available in frequently used content from the store. This includes integration with the charm bar in Windows 8 among other things.

Baby steps, folks. Be prepared to see more hybrid apps hit the stores. Note that this app is region restricted.

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