Today's Mango App Spotlight deals with shortcuts. WP Shortcut Tiles gives you the ability to create shortcut tiles on your Start Screen. The Mango App is very similar to Connectivity Shortcuts but deals with seven settings and features instead of four.

You can create tiles for your cellular, wifi, airplane mode, and bluetooth settings. You can also create tiles for a new email message, sms message and view your share status. To create the tile, just tap on the tile of choice, confirm placement, and your done. The down side of things is that you can only create one tile at a time. There's a lot of back-and-forth with WP Shortcut Tiles.

When your ready to remove the tiles, you can do it the old fashion way by unpinning them from the Start Screen or use the "unpin all" button in the app. Still a shame you can pin multiple tiles at once.

If you access any of these settings with regularity, WP Shortcut Tiles is worth a look at. Again, it's a Mango app, free and you can download WP Shortcut Tiles here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.