A fair few of us (web developers that is) use advertisement rotation with website ad placements ensuring that maximum revenue potential is achieved. It's easy as pie when the major networks actually have the option in adding in other network code so the rotation is automated without manual scripting. Take that idea and put it to use on Windows Phone 7. Say hello to WP7 Ad Rotator.

In a nutshell it allows you to use more than one advertising network when releasing your apps in the Marketplace for free and attempting to earn some wonga via clicks and impressions. The controls (once implemented) can be used in a number of ways, the most common being:

  • Swap ad providers on the fly - specify a single provider for the whole app and swap it to another when the eCPM goes down. E.g. have the app use PubCenter ads and if the eCPM goes down, change the remote XML and have the app switch to AdMob
  • Configure ad providers based on culture - show different ad providers for different phone region settings (which usually map to physical location as well). E.g. show PubCenter ads to US users, AdMob to German users and AdDuplex to everyone else
  • Configure probabilites of ad providers based on culture. This is the most complex (and most useful) scenario. Implement for example the following use case:
    • US: 80% PubCenter, 10% InnerActive, 5% AdMob, 5% AdDuplex ads
    • Germany: 80% AdMob, 10% PubCenter, 10% AdDuplex
    • France: 100% AdMob
    • Other: 25% PubCenter, 25% InnerActive, 25% AdMob, 25% AdDuplex

Really good stuff for attempting to maximise your earnings. Check out the documentation and downloads via the link below.

Source: WP7AdRotator, via: @shoprog