Martin Tirion, User Experience Evangelist at Microsoft, has recently published an article that goes into detail about how Windows Phone 7 and Bing Maps saved his life on a boat trip that went horribly wrong. Cutting a long story short; Martin was on a small rental boat in Greece, where due to poor navigation, instructions, navigational equipment and readiness, was stranded at an unknown location.

Calling back to the rental agency, they attempted to search for the stranded boat but failed to find anything after approximately four hours. With waves increasing in strength and the possibility of a large ship passing by creating more dangerous currents, Martin attempted again after the four hours out at sea to use Bing Maps and attempt a GPS pin-point location. It finally worked over GPRS.

He was then able to relay the information onto the boat rental agency and they were able to rescue him. It seemed that in reality the distance between his human guesswork and satellite accuracy was huge (illustrated in the map above). WP7 and Bing saves the day!

Our George Ponder posted his experience with how WP7 aided him amidst the aftermath of the awful tornadoes the US recently laid host to. We've also seen how the "Find My Phone" feature as stopped some golf club theft. Have you got a life changing story involving your WP7 device?

Source: Martin Tirion's Blog