Time for yet-another-video demonstration of Windows Phone 7, this time at the Cannes Lions advertising festival. What is nice about this video is the HD quality--seriously, it looks gorgeous. The other is for the first time, we get to see the Bing voice-search in action.

Dieter first noticed Bing voice-search waaaaay back in February, but at the time it was a no-go in terms of demonstrations. But now it looks like this function is finally enabled and working. While nothing completely radical, it's still nice to see. It clearly has the same sound-scheme as 'TellMe' which we haven't heard from since the anemic Samsung Intrepid. We're also still hoping that Microsoft's voice technology goes much, much deeper than just Bing search, ahem.

The thrust of the video is from an advertiser's perspective, so forgive the marketing parlance where you're treated as just a sponge-like consumer. All glory to the HypnoToast!

(If you get that joke and its temporal relativity, you're in the club)

The other noteworthy bit is this quote at the very begining:

I’m gonna ask rock star Kostas… to come on. And Kostas has brought with him Windows Phone 7, which we launch this October.

Well, Microsoft did launch Windows Mobile 6.5 last year in New York City in October. So yeah, we're going with that date and location, again, for the official launch of Windows Phone 7. We'll see you there.

Full video after the jump...