As with any product Microsoft (or any other developer/company) releases, there are always going to be a few hurdles along the roadmap. On the agenda today is Bluetooth support on Windows Phone 7.

Many phone owners use Bluetooth headsets, while others connect their device(s) to a vehicle, some wirelessly send files between two locations and others just simply enjoy attempting to send random images at an extremely busy airport terminal to unsuspecting victims.

Windows Phone 7, however, seems to be hitting a wall with some cases being reported from users that disconnection occurs without reason, poor audio quality with a paired headset, and some just can't connect to their kettle to make a good cup of tea. In a long and winding thread over at Microsoft HQ, people have voiced their problems publicly since last year; within a few months of the OS release date. It seems until yesterday that a Microsoft has shown a sign of progress. An employee (John Woods) filtered the wide variety of issues into three categories.

1. Users w/ (mostly) HTC devices and Volvo vehicles experiencing Disconnection and Phone reboots

2. Users experiencing Phone/Bluetooth disconnection issues.

3. Users experiencing poor audio quality via Bluetooth either w/ a headset or in car system.

The three distilled categories above also reflect what John has been able to come away with after browsing through the thread. It seems quite oblivious as to why Microsoft has taken so long to respond to the apparent Bluetooth issue. Hopefully we will begin to see some progress on solutions in the near future.

Do you use the Bluetooth on your handset often, if so do you experience any problems?

Source: TNW