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Sometimes in our forums we come across a member who stands out. Someone who likes to give a little more of himself to help our community. Se1fcr3ation is one of those type of people. He has created a thread in our Windows Phone 7 OS Discussion this stickiest thread is a must read for anyone interested in Windows Phone. We like to think we know a thing or two about WP7 but Se1fcr3ation has taken this to a new level buy adding all the new and old Windows Phone information to his thread--we could all learn something from it. It's also a great tool for quick reference with links to a lot of Windows Phone information.

Basically I’m going to be breaking down a phew things related to WP in General that are not that OBVIOUS and hopefully help some of you out

First things first: If you have questions here at WPcentral we have a GREAT community (on most parts and MOST of us are willing to help and answer any question you may have.

So don’t be Shy

That quote from Se1fcr3ation thread sums it up, so jump in the forums and catch up on all things Windows Phone right here: WP7 -the NOT so Obvious

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