Rumors of the HTC HD3 running Windows Phone 7 device have surfaced yet again. The modestly detailed images have the HD3 sporting a 4.5" AMOLED screen, measuring 4.53" x .4" x 2.56", as well as having 1GB RAM, 1GB ROM, and 16GB memory under the hood.

Additionally, the HD3 will have a 1.5ghz Snapdragon processor and a 8mp camera capable of recording at 720p with 1080p playback. This could be another "fantasy phone" rendering of the HD3. The specs are almost identical to those we saw in the first imposter and both first surfaced from Chinese tech sites.

Real or not, the specs and pictures are impressive. However, for now we'll keep this filed under hopeful rumor.

Update: It should be noted that this was actually an old, concept rendering not attributed to HTC going back to March. In other words, quite far from fact. --Malatesta